This week’s guests for the bo show have been announced! Hlya Avar surprise

One of the TV screen entertainment programs, Bo Show hosts famous names every week. On May 4th the guests of the bo show, which Ibrahim Tatlses did years ago and brought back to life after a long break, were announced.


Hlya Avar, Gonca Vuslateri, Ekin Uzunlar and İbrahim Tatlses’ daughter Dilan Tatlses will appear in the new episode of bo Show which will air on May 4th.

Produced by Poll Production and Global Media; An unforgettable night is experienced in the program, which is filled with famous names every week. ‘bo show’; Hlya Avar, the beloved of millions, talented actress Gonca Vuslateri, Black Sea music voice Ekin Uzunlar and İbrahim Tatlses’ daughter Dilan Tatlses will experience an unforgettable night of live performances and intimate talks.


Hlya Avar and İbrahim Tatlses came together, there were colorful moments at the big meeting. Hlya Avar again surprised with his beauty, live performance, dances and talks. In the program, which deals with many set moments, open comments followed one after the other. Hlya Avar, “Are you white?” He sang his new song called Bo Show for the first time.

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