With the song “I Kissed You Sugar” he conquered hearts! Time seems to have stood still for 57-year-old Bora Gencer! Comments from his followers: “Doesn’t a human age at all?”

Entry date: 05/03/2022 14:34
Update date: 05/03/2022

The singer Bora Gencer, who defined the 90s, became the order of the day on social media. With his first album called “Öpüm Seni Şeker” he has placed a throne in his heart. The song “Öpüm Seni Şeker” signed by Aysel Gürel and Garo Mafyan became popular in a short time. Anyone who sees the singer, whose new project is on the agenda, after a long silence cannot hide his astonishment. Bora Gencer captured the lens in Bebek. Bora Gencer, who has diverse talents such as presenter, acting and sound artist, continues to live a life away from the lenses. Through the influence of his father İlham Gencer, a jazz pianist, he was interested in music from an early age. The years seem to have stood still for Bora Gencer. Bora Gencer, who is now 57, has not lost any of his old fitness. The musician, who went for an evening stroll with his friends, said he was preparing a new song for the summer. After giving a holiday message, Gencer headed home.

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