Wow, what a sin we have committed!

Despite the almost complete lifting of the Corona bans, the backlash against the continuation of the music ban continues. One of the names that reacted to the situation is the singer. Demet Akalin it happened.

Akalın, who called for the lifting of AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s after-midnight music ban at the iftar he attended at the palace in recent days, shared a post on his Twitter account.

By tagging Erdogan in his post, ‘celebratory gospel’ Akalın, who calls for the music ban to be lifted, “Good holiday news would be worthy of @RTErdogan’s music ban” he wrote.

Akalın, who could not get any results with his demands, later found my page: “Even Acun lifted the Isle of Absence, our music ban hasn’t been lifted!!! Wow what a sin we committed.”

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